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The Fergus Veterinary Hospital, since 1981

Exceptional pets and exceptional pet families want the best. We provide medical care, disease and pain prevention. We are pet families as well. Guiding our own pets on their Journey on the River of Life, we seek the best, the safest, the easiest, and the most economical care to achieve the goal.

Nigel the office manager shares a break with Dr Rae

At Fergus Veterinary Hospital, your pets, your family, and your veterinary team are in harmony for the care they need.

Dr. Rae Worden and Nigel the Office Cat
Your Elora, Belwood, Guelph, Arthur, and Fergus Veterinarian | The Fergus Veterinary Hospital | 519-787-2000

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  • "So happy to move to a new town and find a veterinary team that I love! ❤ Best in town!!"
    Amanda C.
  • "Great people who really care about the best for our animals. Thanks"
    Patrick M.

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See Map; Located between Boston Pizza & Upper Grand Eye Care, Behind Tim Horton’s.

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