End of Life And Memorialization

Determining when it is time to say goodbye to your pet is a very difficult decision.

From the pet’s perspective;

  • Am I comfortable?
  • Can I still have fun, eat, drink, and eliminate?
  • Is life interesting?

From the family’s position

  • Can I enjoy my interactions with my pet?
  • Do we have the time to attend to their special needs?
  • Can I lift, bath, walk, medicate, physio, nurture, and otherwise address their needs?

see www.ivapm.org

Any disease or abnormal finding capable of causing pain in a human will do so in a pet.

20 most RELIABLE Signs of Pain. One or more are significant and needs attention

1. Lameness 2. Difficulty Jumping 3. ABNORMAL GAIT 4. Reluctant to move / Reduced activity 5. Resents touch 6. Hiding, Less interactive 7. Plays less 8. Less grooming 9. Appetite change / Weight change 10. Less rubbing or solicitation of petting 11. Mood changes 12. Temperament changes 12. Hunching up 13. Shifting weight 14. Licking or attention to a body region 15. Lower head posture 16. Squinting / Avoiding light 17. Eyes closed when should be open 18.Change in eating or elimination 19. Vocalizing (Growling, Moaning, Hissing, Crying, Inappropriate purring) 20. Responds in the affirmative when a skilled examiner asks if certain parts of the body hurt. As pets cannot speak for themselves they need a translator to express what, where and how much they hurt.

Adapted from Pain behaviours an Expert Consensus PLOS One

Memorialisation For Your Pet

When the time comes, cremation services and memorialisation products are available through the Fergus Veterinary Hospital.

To see a full selection of options for your pets' remains and how you can choose to memorialise them see the online catalogue at Petsabove.

Urns, Boxes for Cremains as well as memorial paw prints and more.

Euthanasia Is

' the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering and one of the hardest decisions anyone ever has to make'

When the available options for the care of our pet can not meet the needs of the pet or household and uncontrolled pain or distress is present; it is time to make that hard choice and grant release.

That time is individual to each pet, disease and household. At all times we must accept the responsibility to do what is in the best interests of the welfare of the pet.

Thoughts to consider;

Have I explored all diagnostic and treatment options for my pet's condition?

Are palliative measures meeting or not meeting my pet's needs and needs of the household?

Am I under or overstating the comfort, distress, pain levels, and general welfare my pet is experiencing ?

The Process

Call to communicate your desire for the euthanasia service.

Expect a conversation to determine if there are any other options available to you as this is not a reversible decision.

Arrange for a time. Arrange care of the remains.

Once all forms are signed, Then medication is provided to alleviate pain and anxiety for the pet.

Upon those medications taking effect then an overdose of anesthetic is delivered. Death quickly follows.

Once forms are signed you may choose to be present or not attend based on your comfort with the process. Your pet is treated with the same concern and respect regardless.

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