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Some Stops on the River of Life are Predictable; Prevent Known Risks From Causing Pain

Preventative medicine and management is always the best way to address problems. Know the issues and why they can cause pain or shortened life. Plan and predict what will be a problem so it can be avoided or mitigated.

Happier, better lives and reduced expenses are going to be the result.

Free Vaccines For Life....Call, Email or Chat for Details

FREE VACCINES FOR LIFE program: Pay a once in the pet’s life fee to enroll your pet. Then so long as you bring the pet in every 12 months for its yearly check up; there will be no charge for any vaccines given for the rest of your pets life! Any vaccines on the list that are needed will be given at no extra cost. For dogs disease protection included is for RABIES, DISTEMPER, HEPATITIS, PARAINFLUENZA, PARVO, KENNEL COUGH and LEPTOSPIROSIS. For cats disease protection included is for RABIES, DISTEMPER, CALICI+RHINOVIRUS and LEUKAEMIA.

If you do not bring your pet for it’s yearly check up then the program is voided and you have to re enroll. Note; Regular current fee for the check up at the time will apply.

Health Assurance Plans.....Ask for Details

Health Assurance Plans from the Fergus Veterinary Hospital are created to provide predictable costs for expected preventative basic care. An extra bonus are the Free Visits included with each plan. Not sure if that issue is a problem, make an appointment and have it covered by your plan. Now you have reassurance regarding what is or is not a problem. Plan levels available for different levels of care and budgets. Everyone should have a Health Assurance Plan.

Please note; Health Assurance Plans are intended for services required for routine predictable health needs, to monitor chronic disease and/or advise on questions surrounding is there or is there not a problem. It is NOT a replacement for Pet Health Insurance.

Therapies of Interest "LASER"

Laser therapy is for pain and to assist healing. Laser light at the appropriate level works by gently warming injured tissue making it feel better, imparting energy to metabolic pathways within mitochondria increasing cellular activity directed towards healing and modification of nerves reducing pain signaling. We use the laser after almost every surgery to reduce post op pain and swelling. Laser is an alternative to acupuncture [avoiding the needles], and chiropractic type manipulations.

Therapies of Interest "PARASITES"

Fleas, ticks, ear mites, heart worm, round worm, hook worm, tape worm, lung worm, demodex, scabies, and the diseases they cause or the germs they carry can all be safely managed. Effective modern medicines are available to gently control these issues. Beware of outdated, counterfeit, or unregistered imitators sold elsewhere.

Do not share your pet with parasites or worse share your pet’s parasites.

Is Therapy Working ? "PET PACE & WEARABLES"

Wearable technologies are becoming available and are a new way to follow the health of pets. We were the first hospital in Canada to deploy the Pet Pace collars. We use them in hospital as patient monitors of heart rate, respiration, temperature and pain. In addition, used at home they also tell activity levels, play, resting and a guide to calories used. Wondering if the arthritis or pain medication is working, now there are tools to help measure the response.

This is an emerging field and more apps will appear, as effective ones are invented we will be using them.


Examinations and consultations are free within Heath Assurance Plans and otherwise start at a very reasonable $63.40

At last reckoning there are close to some 3000 individual products and services the Fergus Veterinary Hospital provides.

Placing all these prices on this site is not possible. For products and services of interest to you call, email, or chat us.


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