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The Fergus Veterinary Hospital is well equipped to provide Risk Reduction and Management; To prevent pain and slow or stop preventable diseases

Veterinary hospital staff are the only health care professionals that are present through the entire life of their patients. This gives us unique perspectives on how to give pet’s the maximum quality and quantity of life. We are here to help guide you to achieve this mutual goal for the happiness of your pet.

Prevent Infectious Diseases with vaccines, safe foods, and parasite control.

Prevent, delay, or mitigate nutrition responsive diseases such as obesity, arthritis, oral plaque control, skin, stool quality, cancer, urinary, and allergies.

Behavior and Training Assistance. Starting with puppies and kittens to ensure they get their chance to learn how to be a dog and a cat interacting in a human world. Work with rather than against breed and species tendencies.

Emerging Technologies. We are evaluating concepts such as wearable health monitors, DNA tests, probiotics, nutrition and more. Someday these will be helpful to our pets preventative health.

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See Map; Located between Boston Pizza & Upper Grand Eye Care, Behind Tim Horton’s. The Pet Friendliest Area in Fergus.

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