Pet Therapeutic Veterinary Medicine

To treat, correct, and restore health affected by disease

Therapeutic Diets and Supplements; Whenever possible use diet and nutritional information to treat or reduce reliance on medicines to treat disease.

Medication to treat on an out-patient basis whenever possible; New therapies and strategies allow treatment on an outpatient basis for more problems than ever before.

When outpatient therapy is not enough then, inpatient care is provided. Comfortable patient areas with heat, ventilation, privacy, remote monitoring, Fluid Therapy and pain management.

Diagnostic Services; When needed to rule out diseases on a differential list, Laboratory tests, xrays, ultrasound and endoscopy are used

Anesthesia and surgical services; to repair, diagnose, and remove abnormal tissues (including teeth) from the body. Anesthesia is supported by the use of combinations of fluids, pain medications, local blocks, capnography, electrocardiogram, pulse oximetry, patient warming, and respiratory monitors.

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