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Pet Sense, Pet Cents! Our rewards program for purchases made at the Fergus Veterinary Hospital. Usually 5% is credited to your account within 7 days of receipt of your complete payment. This is our reward to you for the effort you put in on behalf of the welfare for your pet. You can use the credit on your next visit or some like to allow the credit to accumulate as a reserve for a rainy day.

Wearable Pet Health Monitors! We were the first veterinary hospital in Canada to deploy the PETPACE pet monitors. Useful in hospital to remotely track temperature, pulse, respiration and pain levels. At home they do all this plus track activity and estimate calories burned. Changes in activity and pain levels maybe evident to the wearable monitor before we can see the change in our pet's behaviour.

This is our community. We live, shop and work here in Fergus. Our children attend the same schools yours do. We are affected by the same issues that affect you. We support various events in the community and we facilitate and donate pet food to the Centre Wellington Food Bank to help disadvantaged pets and their families. Our donations to date exceed 6500 pounds of pet food.

Regenerative Therapies! Treatments such as stem cells and platelet rich plasma are available. They have a benefit in arthritis cases, injuries, sports medicine, and potentially some types of inflammatory diseases.etio

Free Vaccines for Life. For a one time fee, get the named vaccines your pet needs for free for the rest of its' life so long as your pets gets it's check up.

Health Assurance Plans. We wish the best for our pets and seek the assurance that we are proactive in providing the health care to prevent and detect as early as possible any treatable diseases. Our plans facilitate this goal. Now available, create your own health plan.

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See Map; Located between Boston Pizza & Upper Grand Eye Care, Behind Tim Horton’s.